Welcome to Farming IT.net

A Team Green Technology service designed specifically for Britains farming community

Situated in North Somerset, close to the M5 and with excellent access to all major routes throughout the South West and the South of England. We are dedicated to working with Britain's farming businesses and providing expertise and support for farmers with their Computer systems, IP Networks, Data Collection & analysis. FarmingIT.net is evolving its product portfolio from an "on the ground" perspective and we at Team Green Technology have developed from an IT department within our parent company which itself is a successful farming business that has farmed pedigree in many sectors from live stock through to soft fruit produces. With our Grower Management Systems at the heart of their business we have been able to help improve efficiencies in what is already an exceptionally well run business and enable the directors to focus on the area's of the farming enterprise that requires attention. Our systems provide live statistical analysis and reduce workload for auditing which all farming businesses are plagued with.